A New Decade for AWC

A New Decade for AWC

Airports World Company


The next decade will see great strides for Airports World Company as we gear up for new grounds to conquer in the next few years. 


After covering 7 airbases in Saudi Arabia, acquiring more than 100 units of ground support equipment, and ultimately going beyond our targets of charter flights since our foundation, AWC is ready to go even further and usher the new decade with a renewed vision.


International partnerships

New international partnerships are also eyed in the coming years, which will strengthen AWC’s role as the premier aviation service provider in Saudi Arabia and the region. These strategic partnerships will accommodate the thriving aviation industry in the Kingdom. 


New technologies

The next decade will also be a year of innovation for AWC. A plan to establish an advanced ERP system to effectively manage all ground operations is also in the works. This new system will facilitate smooth operations on the ground and connectivity to our head offices.


Helicopter Services

According to our experts, the demand for helicopter services in Saudi Arabia and the region is expected to surge in the coming years -be it for personal, business, or government use. This is why AWC is bringing its expertise in helicopter services by installing more helipads to serve various industries. Helicopter services will be taking the center stage as one of the key services offered by AWC.


Saudi Vision 2030

In 10 years’ time, Saudi Arabia will witness a new milestone with the realization of Saudi Vision 2030. With it, AWC will emerge as the top charter and trip support services provider and main ground handler in the Kingdom.

We share the same mandate with the Saudi Vision 2030 goals. A true symbol of Saudi pride, AWC offers aviation services in our home country; self-sufficient, independent, and at par with international companies currently dominating the industry. Furthermore, AWC also plays an active role in supporting Saudi Arabia’s tourism sector by providing charter services to and from the country.

With the booming market fueled by megaprojects NEOM and the Red Sea Development, along with the ongoing reconstruction projects in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq – cargo and passenger charter services will definitely see growth. Umrah and Hajj season, in addition, will remain a constant. The FIFA World Cup in Qatar and the Dubai Expo, among other huge events, are also expected to boost flights in the region this year.

Without a doubt, 2020 is the start of the golden era of aviation in the Middle East. 

About AWC: Airports World Company (AWC) is a leading provider of end-to-end aviation services for INGOs, Militaries, Corporations and discerning Individuals in the Middle East and worldwide. With corporate offices across the Middle East and Africa, we established AWC to meet the growing demand for the holistic management of all aviation-related logistics and requirements while putting the customer first. Our mission is to empower our customers to be global with ease. We are committed to innovation, excellence, and transparency.

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