A Customer-First Outlook

Customer focused business aviation services

Without customers, there is no business.


Customers are the cornerstone of any operation and ensuring their satisfaction must always remain a topmost priority.


At Airports World Company, we pride ourselves on our customer-first outlook. No matter the size of a project, we believe in going above and beyond expectations. Our mission is to create true value in all areas for our customers.


In fact, AWC was founded with the express purpose of easing the burden on companies and individuals forced to interact with inefficient organizations in the aviation industry. In a field that is entirely global and highly complex by nature, our founders saw the need for services built around the customer.


Holistic Solutions

In aviation, one cannot afford to view any service or operation as a stand-alone entity. The beauty of this industry lies in seeing a system come together seamlessly through the coordination of various moving parts.


Each segment of the whole is tied inextricably to one another. That is why AWC offers complete holistic solutions to our customers across all sectors of aviation. From aircraft maintenance and chartering to airport management and trip support services, our team ensures that every operation is undertaken in complete harmony with the system at large.


Innovative Resources

The failure to innovate, whether in technology or internal processes, is the failure to evolve. We have seen the frustration customers face when their service providers lack resources. Having the right technology and operational resources to achieve successful results is vital.


When this shortfall leads to wasted time, effort and money, the consequences can be dire for the customer. We have more than 80 years of combined experience in this industry. As a result, the AWC team continues to offer innovative solutions with the latest technology to help our customers succeed without concern.


Personal Perspective

Perhaps the most significant trait a service provider can offer is the ability to see things from the customer’s point of view. Too often, operations become clinical – almost robotic in the standardized execution of certain activities. When this happens, customer interests easily fall by the wayside.


To live up to our commitment as a customer-centric organization, we look at every situation from our customers’ perspective. That’s how we gauge our success, and in doing so, we always place customers at the heart of each operation.


As AWC has grown over the years, we have never wavered in our commitment to serving our customers first and foremost.


To experience a unique style of service that puts you first, contact our team to learn more about AWC.


About AWC: Airports World Company (AWC) is a leading provider of end-to-end aviation services for INGOs, Militaries, Corporations and discerning Individuals in the Middle East and worldwide. With corporate offices across the GCC, we established AWC to meet the growing demand for the holistic management of all aviation-related logistics and requirements while putting the customer first. Our mission is to empower our customers to be global with ease. We are committed to innovation, excellence and transparency.

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