Ground Handling Coverage in Saudi Arabia

Ground Handling Coverage in Saudi Arabia

There are many segments that make up aircraft ground handling operations. Above all, it is important that these segments work in harmony to achieve your goals.


For any and all aircraft operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, having a complete understanding of the country’s rules and regulations is vital.


At AWC, our ground handling services in Saudi Arabia cover 12 significant areas customized for the region:


Cargo Clearance

Our team is capable of helping our customers in clearing their goods from customs. We do this by preparing and submitting the documentation required to facilitate exports or imports into the country. We also represent our clients during customs examination, assessment, payment of duty and help with the delivery of cargo from customs after clearance, along with documents.


Cargo Handling

Above all, it is the core of our business at AWC to handle all types of cargo with care. This includes solid, perishables, live animals, and so on. We also provide the breakdown and stacking of pallets to make everything easier for our clients.


GPU / ASU / ACU Services

We offer high-quality equipment for Electrical/Pneumatics & Air Conditioning for all types of aircraft.


Water & Lavatory Services

We understand the importance of having one less thing to worry about when it comes to handling your flight. This is why we invest in the best possible equipment and thoroughly train our employees in standardized, safety-conscious procedures. This way, we can provide our customers with efficient and reliable service, free of headaches. Additionally, with the lavatory and portable water services we provide, we have the experience and know-how to manage these time-critical services on your behalf.


Fuel Coordination

AWC guarantees fuel in any location in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, regardless of the type of fuel required. This includes JET A1, Avgas, Biofuels, and many others.


Catering Coordination

Our team promises to offer our customers the highest level of customized catering and provisioning service available in the industry.


Crew Assistance & Transportation

With 24/7 operational assistance, we provide a whole new outlook on convenience for your flight crew. Our expert team will match your crew’s requirements and ensure that we meet each requirement, covering land-side ground transportation needs and any other services that would make your crew’s travel easier.


Crew Accommodation

AWC specializes in managing the entire crew accommodation process and the layover. We carefully make our hotel selections in order to best fit the crew’s needs.


Immigration Assistance

Our team of specialists at all KSA airports can assist your crew in getting visas for Saudi Arabia once they are listed in the General Declaration. Our staff is also available to escort operating crews during the immigration process for added support.


Passenger Assistance

The AWC Concierge team provides important services for passengers, such as airport meet and greet, expedited VIP check-in and security, baggage check, baggage claim, and any other special needs they might have.


VIP Lounge Services

For our clients, VIP Lounges can be arranged in all twenty-six airports around the Kingdom with the highest quality of services.


VIP Ground Transportation

After a long trip, our VIP clients deserve premium, first-class ground transportation services. As a result, we make sure that our team always satisfies this need.


With the support of two ground handling maintenance facilities and over 100 pieces of equipment in the Kingdom, we are always ready to provide comprehensive services. For a full list of the civilian airports and military naval and air bases we cover in Saudi, visit our website or get in touch at



About AWC: Airports World Company (AWC) is a leading provider of end-to-end aviation services for INGOs, Militaries, Corporations and discerning Individuals in the Middle East and worldwide. With corporate offices across the Middle East and Africa, we established AWC to meet the growing demand for the holistic management of all aviation-related logistics and requirements while putting the customer first. Our mission is to empower our customers to be global with ease. We are committed to innovation, excellence and transparency.

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